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“Life is just a moment, and I am foolish enough to try to capture it. Admiring the beauty of this planet is in my DNA. I am endlessly thankful to photography for giving me a chance to express my admiration. I hope my images can inspire people to sever their eyes from the screens, break out of the daily cubicle realm, and explore the healing beauty of nature.

Working in the corporate world, I was always looking for an outlet to replenish my  mental exhaustion. Besides meditation, the best thing I found to help me was nature. Nothing worked better for me than a solo trip far away to the mountains. I found peace and prosperity there. It was a different kind of prosperity: mind prosperity. It enriched me. At some point I started to look for ways to share this prosperity with other people. Photography has become a delicate tool of sharing my mind set with others.”


Vitaly is an award-winning landscape photographer based on Long Island, New York. He holds two bachelors and two master’s degrees in arts and engineering. He grew up in a family of mountaineers and considers nature an inseparable part of his life. He has over a decade of international public corporate executive experience. Traveling all over the world for his work, he fell in love with the beauty and versatility of our planet.

Membership and awards

Trierenberg Super Circuit Gold 2018 | Internetional Photography Awards (Lucie) Bronze 2019 | Trierenberg Super Circuit Bronze 2019 | member of PPA


Nikon shooter body: D810/D850 | lenses: Nikon holy trinity and other | tripod & head: Gitzo & RRS | Mavic Pro 2

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