About - Vitaly Glad

Vitaly is an award winning landscape photographer based  in New York. He holds two bachelors and two masters degrees in arts and engineering. He grew up in a family of mountaineers and considers nature an inseparable part of his life. He has over a decade of international public corporate executive experience. Traveling all over the world for his work, he fell in love with the beauty and versatility of our planet. Being bilingual, he has always been fascinated with the ability to look at the world from different perspectives. Photography has become a third language to him; a tool of self expression which can be understood by any culture.

" Admiring the beauty of this planet is in my DNA. I am endlessly thankful to photography for giving me a chance to express my admiration. I believe that each image is a fragment of the story of this planet - a fragment to share, treasure and marvel at for its beauty and meaning. "


Nikon shooter

body: D810/D850 | lenses: Nikon holy trinity and other | tripod & head: Gitzo & RRS | Mavic Pro 2

Membership and awards:

Trierenberg Super Circuit Gold 2018 | member of PPA

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